Build Better
Web3 Products
No-code marketing automation to help Web3 product and marketing teams
convert, engage, and retain more users.
labeled user actions
Supporting Ethereum, Optimism,
Polygon and Arbitrum Data
120+ M
labeled on-chain wallets
Create User Personas
Generate instant no-code analytics to understand on chain user behaviors, and inform your partnership decisions.
Find and
Contact Users
Find your ideal users with search by user type (e.g. perps trader, DEX LP, NFT millionaire), protocol usage and many more parameters. Contact users with our database of 200k linked social accounts.
Maximize Engagement
Use Automated Personalized In-Dapp Notifications and Retargeting to improve user experience and maximize conversion.
Interpret Behavior,
Inform Design
Follow on-chain user paths to understand HOW users are using protocols to enable you to build the features that they REALLY want.
Retain More Users
Understand where you are losing users in your product and A/B test improvements to improve engagement
About Us
We started Web3Analytic after facing challenges building DeFi derivatives.
It was clear to us that existing approaches to understanding Web3 users and finding product-market fit were inadequate.
We heard other founders were suffering from similar problems and so Web3Analytic was born!
|Will McTighe
I Mike Wu
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