Build Better DeFi Products

No-code user analytics to help Web3 product and marketing teams
convert, engage and retain more users.

180+ M
labeled user actions
Supporting Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon and Arbitrum Data
120+ M
labeled on-chain wallets

Why Web3Analytic?

Generate instant no-code analytics to understand on chain user behaviors, and inform your partnership decisions.
Interpret Behavior,
Inform Design
Use user action sequences to understand HOW users are using on-chain protocols and build the features that they REALLY want.
Find And Contact
New Users
Find your ideal users with search by user type (e.g. perps trader, DEX LP, NFT millionaire), protocol usage and many more parameters.

Contact users with our database of 130k linked social accounts.
Competitive Intelligence
Cut through the noise and understand competitor performance.

Discover and target overlapping and new potential users.

Our Supporters

About Us

We started Web3Analytic after facing challenges building DeFi derivatives.

It was clear to us that existing approaches to understanding Web3 users and finding product-market fit were inadequate. We heard other founders were suffering from similar problems and so
Web3Analytic was born! 
|Will McTighe
I Mike Wu

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